Soil Testing

Rock Testing

Point Load Tester, Portable Rock Shearbox, Slake Durability Apparatus, Brazilian Test Head, Hoek Cells, Instrumented Hoek Cells, High Pressure Triaxial Testing system, Cyclic/Dynamic Loading systems, Acoustic Emission transducers, Compression Machines and Poisson’s Ratio

Concrete Testing

Aggregate Testing

Asphalt and Biturmen Testing

Centrifuge Extractor, Continuous Flow Filterless Centrifuge, Marshall Testing, Breaking Head Stability Mould, Marshall Compactor, Manual and Automatic Penetrometer, Ring & Ball Apparatus

Cement, Lime & Mortar Testing

Mortar Air Entrainment Meter, Le Chatelier Flask, Vicat Apparatus, Fow Cone, Flow Table, Jolting Table for prisms, Moulds, Mixers

Finished Road Surface Testing

Sand Patch Apparatus, Benkelman Beam, Rolling Strainght Edge, MOT Straigt Edge, Non-Nuclear Density Gauge, Skid Resistamce Tester (Pendulum)

Miscellaneous Equipment and Hardware

Balances and Test Weights, Ovens, Water Baths, Thermometers, Hotplates, Glass and Plastic-ware, Scoops, Spatulas, Timers, Trays, Chemicals