Force balance and MEMS, uniaxial and triaxial accelerometers, surface and downhole, cable connected to digital recorders or enclosed in high resolution digital accelerographs for Earthquake Engineering

Digital Accelerographs

Autonomous triaxial and multui-channel digital recorders for high resolution long-term monitoring of strong motion events and vibrations

Multi-channel recorders-digitizers

Structural Health Monitoring of large structures requires deployment of several accelerometers network-connected to a central recorder-digitizer. All event data is stored in memory and real time monitoring or remote data transfer is possible

Wireless sensor networks

Many applications require deployment of wireless triaxial accelerometer nodes and/or other sensor nodes avoiding the cost or running great lengths of cable along a structure

Data processing & Modal Analysis

Data stored in digitizers can be retrieved or transmitted in various ways. Software routines allow the remote setup of the systems, data pre-prosessing and analysis of events as well as modal analysis of structures.