Static Materials Testing Machines

Electromechanical machines for tensile, compression and general tests to international Standards.

Dynamic Materials Testing Machines

Μultipurpose load frames and test systems for specific applications such as biomedical, geomaterial, and elastomer testing.

High Force Testing systems

Ultra-stiff, four-column servohydraulic load frames, dynamically rated to deliver loads ranging from 1 to 30 MN.

Servo-hydraulic Actuators

Highly reliable, energy-efficient systems covering everything from high-dynamic time histories to pseudo-static creep of highly brittle materials suitable for civil engineering, aerospace, rail and ground vehicles applications

Hydraulic Power & Distribution

Extensive range of components and systems designed to maximize safety, reliability and energy-efficiency of hydraulic power generation and distribution, such as hydraulic power units, service manifolds, hoses and hard lines, accumulators, etc.

Control Systems

Precision control technology is absolutely essential to achieving successful outcomes for all types of mechanical testing. Digital controllers provide reliable single and multi-channel control

Software control packages

Industry-leading packages for precise, productive testing. Enhance your mechanical testing and simulation with the world’s most powerful, flexible and user-friendly application software

Grips & Testing Accessories

Extensive variety of grips, fixtures and other accessories to ensure that test labs across multiple industries can configure the ideal testing system for their needs.


High-performance extensometers for dynamic material and component testing — including those for characterizing advanced composites at high temperatures, as well as those for determining fatigue and fracture characteristics for metals.

Environmental Simulation Systems

Precise, reliable replication of real-world operating conditions in the test lab. Available systems include high-temperature furnaces, environmental chambers and fluid baths.

Impact & Drop Testing

Extremely rugged and reliable test systems provide data to show the impact resilience of metal specimens. Also for plastics. A highly versatile range of drop weight impact testers for performing a wide range of medium energy tests on materials, specimens and end products of various shapes in geometry.

Potential Drop Crack Monitoring

AC and DC potential drop instruments with a wide variety of peripherals, including multiplexing modules, hand held depth probes and sophisticated data acquisition software.

Test Rig Components

Platforms, rotor blade testing, wind turbine testing, test frames, high force load frames, pit covers, tilting platforms, shaker tables, foundations, single & multi-axial positioning systems, vibration absorbing foundation, vibration isolation tables