Test Hammers

For concrete, rock, softer materials & brickwork joints. Mechanical and digital models

Rebar location & diameter, cover thickness

Low cost and advanced models

Corrosion detection

Stand alone unit or integrated to the rebar locator

Ground Penetrating Radar

Inspection of concrete structures with true ultrawideband radar and imaging software

Ultrasonic Testing

For laboratory and onsite use. Single side inspection, deep imaging scanner

Electrical Resistivity

Fixed spacing surface Wenner probe


Portable meters for non invasive moisture measurement


Full Kit for onsite use

Chloride testing

Field kit for the determination of chloride ion content

Pull off tester

Fully automated, suitable models for low, mid and high range strength


Two chamber vacuum cell unit

Crack monitoring

Uniaxial and biaxial crack meters, feelers, crack width magnifier, detection microscope

Thermal performance

U-value & other parameter measurement kits for evaluating building insulation quality, cabled or wireless & cloud based

Pile testing

Pile Integrity Tester, Cross hole analyzer, Angle analyzer, pile driver analyzer, thermal integrity profiler, SPT analyzer, Acoustic concrete tester

Vibration Monitoring

Continuous and online vibration monitoring

Flat Jack

Single and double stress/strain measurements for masonry structures

Surface Roughness

High precision instruments with integrated printer and variety of tracers for metal surfaces

Road marking & signs retroreflection

Portable retroreflectometers for visibility measurement of road markings, road studs, and road signs.

Soil moisture/density

Non-Nuclear soil moisture and density gauges

Cathodic protection

Anodes, test posts, pin brazing & consumables