Strain gauges

Uniaxial, biaxial, triaxial, for metals, concrete, plastics & composites. Surface mounted and embeded. Crack gauges

Displacement transducers

LVDT, strain gauge type, linear potentiometers, rotary potentiometers, draw wire, magnetoresistive, non contact, laser, 3D


Axial, biaxial, miniature, long gauge, circumferential; for metals, concrete, rock and asphalt specimens. Crack propagation. Non contact.

Load Cells

Tension, compression, tension & compression, submersible, wireless; special lifting load cells

Pressure sensors & transmitters

Absolute, vented, gauge; differential, high pressure, high temperature, submersible, vacuum and sunction; flow measurement, flow elements, manometers, pressure and flow calibrators, leak detectors

Tilt sensors

Uniaxial, biaxial, wireless, with integrated logger and GPRS modem for telemetry

Inertial sensors

Aided navigation systems, Atittude / Heading reference systems, inertial measurement.


Pezoelectric, piezoresistive, MEMS, ceramic shear, IEPE, shock & vibration accelerometers

Torque Transducers

Rotary, static, flange, high capacity, high speed, non contact, wireless

Temperature sensors

Ambient, material surface, embedded. Thermocouples, RTD, handheld temperature and humidity meters, data loggers.

Wireless Systems

Wireless sensor networks, nodes, gateways, software and cloud services.

Engines Measurement Technology

Cylinder pressure; contiuous, online and offline monitoring, engine peak meter, portable electronic indicator, intake and exhaust pressure, crank angle encoder set

Vehicle dynamics & safety

Wheel force transducers, pedal force transducers, non contact optical sensors, crash test barriers. Weigh in Motion systems.

Manufacturing Processes Monitoring

Cutting Tool Dynamometers, Forming press monitoring, Welding Measuring Technology

Plastics Measuring Technology

Direct, indirect, contact free cavity pressure measurement


Force plates, sports performance systems, motion & gait analysis, swimming performance systems

Hand tools – Metrology

Micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, depth gauges, thickness gauges, fillers, bore gauges


Display units, signal conditioners, data loggers, communication and analysis software, calibrators, controllers, special systems

Data Acquisition Systems

DAQ systems for most sensors and of any number of channels, static or dynamic, laboratory or portable. Cable connected or wireless. Complete with software for collecting, storing, processing and presenting the measurements.