NEOTEK’s qualified staff undertakes the study of any project considering all unique aspects, and professionally proposes an optimum solution which meets the most stringent and demanding technical issues and economic criteria. The long-standing experience in the fields of measuring and testing systems combined with the support of the dominant manufacturers in the world have given us the expertise to recommend first-rate equipment of the latest technology targeting viable scientific applications.

Sales Support

Using advanced internal procedures all orders are monitored effectively until they reach the end user. Depending on the application, the specifics of each project and customer requirements, NEOTEK’s highly experienced technical staff undertakes unpacking, installation and demonstration of the equipment supplied.

Calibrated in house instruments are employed for checking on site the accuracy and effective measurements of the incorporated sensors to ensure system operation according to manufacturer specification standards.

After Sales

Following a successful installation, NEOTEK’s engineering staff undertakes elaborate demonstration of the operation, safety procedures, use and maintenance of the equipment supplied to the designated end users targeting to prolong the equipment’s life cycle.

Training on theoretical issues, experiment conduct and measurement verification are not part of the initial demonstration, they can, however, be offered on request.

Repairs & Upgrades

NEOTEK undertakes inspection and a variety of repairs both on site and in-house laboratory, when spares are available. Where repairs are not possible due to technological advancements, upgrades or replacements are proposed with the possible minimum cost.

Upgrading existing equipment of any manufacturer to the current technology is possible in most cases and allows the user to take advantage of his assets in an effective manner, while ensuring a low investment.